Simplifying Packaging Returns for Good Eggs


Simplifying Packaging Returns for Good Eggs

Setting the stage for an improved customer experience


Discover why the Good Eggs packaging return program was making customers nervous and uncover opportunities to improve the service.


The majority of support tickets coming to customer service were related to packaging concerns. Over 30% of packaging related tickets were labeled as "Nervous," meaning customers were looking for reassurance instead of asking for something specific.


Good Eggs is an online grocery delivery service specializing in local foods. Many Good Eggs products need to stay cold during delivery in compliance with food safety codes. Cold packaging is provided for any perishable items, but customers will be charged $4.99 if packaging is not returned within 30 days.


Lead Designer


Supported by 1 Communications Designer


I created clarity and consistency around packaging in the customer shopping experience and laid a foundation for future improvements.



1 – The project starting point

I did a comprehensive experience audit of all aspects of our business that impact or involve packaging. Packaging affects many different user groups including customers, producers, operations, drivers, customer service, and internal software teams.


All customer facing touchpoints

All internal touchpoints

All references to packaging in the shopping flow


2 – Reducing steps and complexity

I created a service blueprint to make sense of the audit and to generate insights. Three phases directly impacted customers: Shopping, Delivery, and Maintenance.


A blueprint of the Good Eggs service and eleven insights discovered


3 – Uncovering Insights

The service blueprint revealed poor messaging about packaging throughout the customer experience. Information was inconsistent: text messages varied by city; cold packaging information only appeared to customers once they viewed their shopping cart and was displayed with key details hidden by default; and all packaging information disappeared after checkout.


Rogue SMS from New Orleans operation

Close-up of customer shopping cart where cold packaging details first appear

Cold packaging information disappears after checkout


4 – Improving the experience in the short term

I updated copy across all existing touch points to clearly explain how the packaging return program worked and communicate the value added to customers.


Updated copy to comply with SMS character limits

Updated copy to describe return policy, not just function, at checkout


5 – Sharing insights and learning from internal teams

After sharing my insights with the operations and Customer Service teams, I was surprised to learn that driver training materials are almost never used. There was no standard return process for packaging. I led an ideation session with the teams to generate new solutions for our drivers.


Results of facilitated brainstorm

Presentation communicating insights to internal teams


6 – Planning long term improvements

Drivers at Good Eggs make deliveries using a custom app. During my research, I found that the packaging interface in the app was imprecise: if drivers selected "Yes" (the customer returned any packaging), all of a customer's outstanding packaging returns would be cleared. Originally, the addition of this toggle reduced customer complaints. However, it also undermined the importance of packaging retrieval, resulting in more lost packaging. With more time, I would have redesigned the interface to record specific quantities and reduce lost packaging.

Driver app yes/no toggle



Impact – A Consistent Customer Experience

quick wins

I was able to create clarity and consistency in the current customer experience.

prepared for program overhaul

The comprehensive research is a great starting point for a larger redesign when resources are available.


"Wow, it's great to see this all collected in one place! We had no idea the experience was so confusing."
—Bonnie Burgess, Community Care Lead