Reimagining Group Scheduling for Twine


Reimagining Group Scheduling for Twine

Creating an app to solve complex group scheduling


Design an app that could automatically find the best time for a large group to meet, while accounting for each person's dynamic schedule.


During our design research, we found the most frustrating aspect of group coordination is back-and-forth scheduling. Groups would get close to finding an optimal time, only to find a last minute conflict that would restart the process. This resulted in email, Facebook, and group text message threads that seemed never-ending.

about twine

Twine is the name of the final app concept. It was created over a 6 month period as a senior project in the Stanford University Product Design program.


Product Designer / Software Engineer


2 Product Designers, 1 Software Engineer



1 – Understanding group coordination

During interviews, we found most group indecision came from a desire to please: people claimed to be available and flexible even if they were not. Their verbal claims didn't match the realities of their calendars, so we tested features that automatically reflected availability.


Interviews with interactive prototypes


2 – Building upon user needs

I explored many different features and interfaces by sketching and then building interactive prototypes. When collecting feedback, we learned people wanted to remind their friends to RSVP by a certain date but felt awkward policing the deadline. We created a "nudge" feature so these awkward reminders could be handled automatically by the app.


Sample sketches of interface/feature explorations


3 – Experimenting with brand voice and style

We also learned via prototyping that colloquial descriptions for timing worked best. For example, you could schedule coffee "sometime this weekend." We also aimed to design clear, simple interactions with a bright, friendly color scheme.

Here are the interface designs featuring colloquial language, simple calls-to-action, and friendly colors—



4 – Planning the build out

To further explore our concept, we began building out the application. I helped with calendar integration and the design of our data models.


Comps of scheduler with colloquial language and interaction guidelines


5 – Telling our story

To clearly communicate how the app could fit into the lives of our audience, I wrote marketing messaging and a video script for a promotional video.

Final promotional video



6 – Adjusting designs for iOS 7

As we wrapped up the project, we updated the visual aesthetics to better match the release of iOS 7.


Updated RSVP screen

Updated menu to manage social groups

Updated design for upcoming events feed